Useful Links

The Health Foundation is not in a position to support every application it receives: some organisations are ineligible to apply, some projects are outside our criteria, and many more cannot be funded simply because we receive many more applications than we have the funds to support. 

There are a number of Grantmaking trusts and foundations in Scotland, and a number of useful websites which can help grant seekers in their search for funds
The SCVO website offers a wealth of useful information to voluntary organisations, including advice on funding streams and grantmakers
The UK’s largest online directory of grantmakers is
The DSC (Directory of Social Change) publishes a large number of guides for fundraisers and grant seekers, including the comprehensive Directory of Grantmaking Trusts, and a Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need
The City of Edinburgh Council offers a range of grants including Grants for Community Activities and Third Party Groups
This portal enables users to search for funding for a variety of projects, from a variety of funders