Fundraising Event: You Shave They Save

It’s getting a little hairy out there now!  Why not use this opportunity to raise money for NHS Lothian and groove the smooth?  Whether you say bye bye beard or sport a smooth scalp you can help NHS staff and patients across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

It’s easy to set up!

  1. Set up a JustGiving page
  2. Pick a date for your big shave
  3. Tell as many people as you can – and remember to tag us too!
  4. Shave to save


You Shave They Save image


You’re in Good Company!

You might also have seen Barry, a Senior Nurse at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, trending on Twitter with his #BeLikeBarry hashtag. Barry shaved his beloved beard to reduce the risk of infection from his facial hair and keep his patients safe. Other staff started to #BeLikeBarry and soon members of the public joined in and you can too!



Why we need your support

Our NHS colleagues are working around the clock to provide care to their patients during this extremely busy time.  You can help fund accommodation for staff who can’t return home after their shift either because they live with someone who is either high risk or has, or is suspected to have, Coronavirus.

Virtual Visiting by mobile phones and iPads allow patients to stay in touch with loved ones whilst social distancing restrictions are in place.  You can help patients stay connected and entertained during their stay in hospital

These are just some of the ways we are supporting staff and patients but there is so much more we can do with your support.

Sign up now to:
You Shave They Save