NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal

Our NHS Heroes are continuing to care for patients across Edinburgh and the Lothians during Coronavirus, the biggest challenge of our lifetime.  All wards and departments have been affected and staff are working around the clock on busy and long shifts, some of whom are unable to return home afterwards.  It can be hot and uncomfortable wearing PPE for long periods of time.

Due to social distancing, patients who are staying in hospital are unable to receive visitors and they can start to feel cut off from loved ones.  To help protect our NHS, all hospital entertainment such as live music, arts and crafts has been put on hold.  Patients have less access to essential items such as toiletry top-ups or clean clothes as visiting families would often take care of these.

Our NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal is raising money to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of staff and patients as well as equipment and technology that isn’t provided by the NHS or Government.

Below are some of the ways we are supporting staff and patients, with the support of our donors and partners:

£5 could provide essential toiletries to patients such as toothpaste, soap or shampoo

£10 could provide an Art Pack to patients to help pass the time and look after their emotional wellbeing whilst staying in hospital.

£25 could provide hot drinks for 50 NHS staff members who are taking time out in our wellbeing rooms

£50 could purchase additional tablets to connect patients to their loved ones through virtual visiting and to access digital entertainment.

£500  could give 1,600 staff a hot meal to keep them fuelled for the night ahead

£1,000 could kit out a wellbeing room to help NHS staff look after their physical and mental wellbeing

As the official charity partner of NHS Lothian, we will be working together with our NHS colleagues to ensure we provide the correct support where and when it is most needed.

Your donations will make a difference to lives today.

Please click here to donate: NHS Lothian Covid-19 Appeal


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our donors and corporate partners who have already supported our appeal and in particular to our major partnerships with:

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