Breast Cancer Institute 2013 Lecture: Managing the Menopause

Breast Cancer Institute 2013 Lecture: Managing the Menopause
November 29, 2013

It’s a hot topic for discussion, and there was a large audience who came to hear about the most up to date treatments and drug use to help ease debilitating menopausal symptoms.

The annual Breast Cancer Institute 2013 Lecture was given by Dr Ailsa Gebbie, Director and Lead Clinician of The Edinburgh Menopause Clinic and Professor Mike Dixon OBE, Consultant Breast Surgeon at the Western General Hospital.

Dr Gebbie gave an overview of the sorts of treatments available to women who attend the Menopause Clinic, and Professor Dixon covered some of the latest research and drugs for women who were being treated for breast cancer and going through the menopause at the same time.

If you would like copies of the presentations or the audio recording of Managing the Menopause please e-mail Jill Snowdon.

The Breast Cancer Institute 2013 lecture took place on Tuesday 15th October at the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.

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