Supporting the welfare of patients and their carers

Supporting the welfare of patients and their carers

For NHS Lothian, having a patient-centred approach is vital to developing integrated healthcare services. This is why supporting the welfare of patients and their carers is a key objective of the Foundation.

Complementary therapies are used by specialist therapists at the St John’s Hospital Oncology Unit and Macmillan Centre to help patients relax when they are feeling anxious about their treatment.

When Sheila had a recurrence of her breast cancer in 2007, her oncology team agreed that her surgery and extensive regular drug therapies were leaving her stressed and exhausted and that she needed support. The complementary therapists, funded by the Foundation, apply reflexology to Sheila’s feet and hands during her weekly chemotherapy sessions.

“I wasn’t keen on the idea to start with, but the therapists gently persuaded me to try it. Now I’m nearly at the end of my chemo, and the reflexology has helped enormously with the stress and makes the whole thing a lot easier to bear. I’m so relaxed I quite often fall asleep!”

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