Supporting the Welfare of Patients and their Carers

Supporting the Welfare of Patients and their Carers

The welfare of the patients and carers of NHS Lothian is of paramount importance to the Foundation, and supporting projects to enhance their wellbeing is a major and enduring theme to our grantmaking.

Too often, older people spend longer in hospital than they need to. Even when they are well enough to return home, they stay in a hospital bed awaiting assessment and social care planning. This is what is known as delayed discharge, and this can not only have an impact on their long-term wellbeing, but also a knock-on effect on patients waiting to be admitted to hospital.

With a pilot grant, NHS Lothian and LifeCare Edinburgh worked together to reduce the delayed discharge of elderly patients from hospital by piloting a Hospital to Home bridging service delivered by LifeCare.  Through the project, over 150 older people were allowed to return home when they were well enough, benefiting from a shortened hospital stay, and releasing hospital beds to those who needed them.

“It has made a huge difference to so many to be able to enjoy the benefits of getting home sooner, having their own things about them and getting back into their own daily routines at home.  What most people enjoyed was just being back home and the reassurance of having back up there with carers coming in to see that all was well.  The service has been a great success for many and provides a useful model on which to build.”

Su Millar

Chief Executive

LifeCare (Edinburgh) Limited

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