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Vapotherm Unit V1Edinburgh is a top ten European location for science and technology and has a strong reputation in terms of innovation and knowledge-intensive industries. The Foundation is committed to supporting NHS Lothian and other partners stay at the forefront of the region’s rich knowledge economy.

For those preterm babies who require breathing support, the current standard treatment is Continuous Positive Airways Pressure, or CPAP for short. High flow therapy is a relatively new alternative method which is equally as effective, but more importantly is better tolerated by babies and preferred by parents. The Health Foundation funded the purchase of two Vapotherm Precision Flow Units to the Special Care Baby Unit at St John’s Hospital.

“With the purchase of the high precision flow units, High Flow Therapy is now in regular use within the Special Care Baby Unit, and feedback has been extremely positive. The technique has proven to be very popular with parents as their babies are more settled and they are able to hold their baby while receiving this treatment. The babies are also more comfortable and less distressed. Staff experience of using the high flow therapy has also been positive with them expressing a preference for using this equipment in many infants who would previously have been treated with CPAP. They have found that having high flow therapy available has provided enhanced treatment options and has helped to optimise care for babies and their families.”

Lynne Kerr
Clinical Manager, Neonatal Services

Jane Fleming
Charge Midwife, Special Care Baby Unit, St John’s Hospital

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