Questions from Donors

How much do you raise each year?
Our income is around £5 million each year, just under half of which is received in donations, legacies and grants

How do I donate directly to the staff?
NHS employees are not permitted to accept cash gifts. However, donations made to most ward funds can be spent on, among other things, staff development and wellbeing. See the searchable Funds Directory on this website for more details. If you have any questions please get in touch with by emailing fundraising@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk or call us on 0131 465 5850

How do I know that the money I donate will be used as intended?
An interesting feature of the Foundation is our many Specific Funds. These are separate funds which enable supporters to donate specifically to the ward, department, hospital, or research area of their choice. See the searchable Funds Directory for more details. 

Can I set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order to make a regular donation to a specific fund?
We aren’t currently able to set up Direct Debits, but you can donate regularly via a Standing Order. Please email us for details. 

Do you have a printable Gift Aid form?
Please complete this Gift Aid form and return it to the address at the top right of the form.

Do you have printable sponsorship forms?
The best way to raise funds from a sponsored event is to create a page on JustGiving. You then email a link to your page to all your friends and family, and sponsorship (including Gift Aid) is collected online. Contact us if you would prefer a printable sponsorship form. 

How do you collect, use and store data received?
Please see our privacy policy.

What is your policy on Freedom of Information requests?
 NHS Endowment charities are not listed within the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA): Schedule 1, Part 4: The National Health Service. Charities by themselves are not bound by FOISA unless they are carrying out a public function. Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation does not fund core functions which the NHS is obliged to provide to the public, and the board of NHS Lothian does not direct the charity’s activities (ie what trustees fund). FOISA (section 25) specifically exempts the release of information where that information is reasonably accessible to the applicants by other means. We publish our Annual Report and Accounts, a directory of all our grants and funds and key governance documents on this website, and will continue to do this in the interest of transparency and good governance.

Questions from Fund Stewards

Why does some expenditure from Specific Funds require approval by a committee?
The Trustees are ultimately responsible for the management of all charitable funds, and the remit of the Funds Advisory Committee includes the oversight of the Specific Funds. This includes income, expenditure requests over a £5k threshold, spending plans for legacies and changes to the funds.

Questions from Grant Seekers

What do you fund?
The Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation aims to improve the physical and mental health of the people of Scotland, in particular in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It provides funding and makes grants to support projects and initiatives not normally funded by the health service.

Information about what we fund, and full guidelines for potential applicants are available on the Grants section of this website.

The searchable Grants Directory on this website lists all our previously funded projects. 

What grant programmes can I apply to?
We welcome applications to our Small Grants programme for which applicants need to be NHS Lothian staff or GP practice employed staff however we are willing to consider applications including 3rd sector organisations supporting delivery of the project. 

Are there submission deadlines for applications?
The Small Grants has quarterly submission deadlines, applicable dates are available on the webpage

What are the key areas of the application form to focus on?
Details of our assessment process and scoring mechanism are available on the Grants section of this website however if you wish to discuss a particular idea further please contact our Grants Manager or e-mail the office at elhf@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk.

The key elements of a funding application (specifically for the Project Summary and Detailed Project Outline questions) are

  • What do you want to do
  • Why do you want to do it
  • What patient group will benefit
  • What difference will it make
  • What are the project costs
  • Who are you working with on your idea

Who do I contact for more information or if I wish to discuss my proposal?
For further detailed information on our grants programme, please contact our Grants Manager

Can I submit my application by post?
We accept online and paper applications to the Small Grants programme so please contact the Grants Manager if you would like some copies of the paper based form. 

When do I find out if I have been awarded a grant?
The Small Grants assessment team meet around a month after the submission deadlines to discuss the submitted applications so we will inform applicants of our funding decisions soon after that. 

My grant request has been turned down. How do I receive feedback on my application?
For all those not awarded Small Grants funding, the letter we send you will include relevant feedback, this feedback is intended to help unsuccessful applicants with future funding applications. Please contact our Grants Manager.

Where can I find examples of projects that have received funding?
Our searchable grants database, on our homepage and split by Programme Type (Main/R&D/Small), includes all grants made by the Foundation.