Will Collier Photography Exhibition now open at Western General Hospital

Will Collier Photography Exhibition now open at Western General Hospital
August 20, 2020

The Western General Hospital is delighted to announce the return of their Tonic Arts Corridor Gallery in the Anne Ferguson Building with the opening of Will Collier’s Photography Exhibition ‘From the Prom’.

The exhibition will be on display and open for staff and patients to visit from Friday 21 August until Sunday 20 September. It will be a striking exhibition which celebrates the open expanses of Portobello beach, an outward looking view of the world after so many weeks of inward looking lockdown. It also ties in with Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters.

The exhibition will feature 50 large prints on board in monochrome and colour and 10 framed works. This is the first exhibition to be on display in several months due to the pandemic and will be running until 20 September.


Image Credit: Will Collier Photography: Derek His Thermos and His Future Wife

Will Collier is a fine art photographer based in Leith, Edinburgh. He has exhibited in numerous venues around Edinburgh, including a solo exhibition at The Image Collective in 2018. He has also been selected for the Royal Scottish Academy’s Open Exhibition every year from 2013 to 2017.

He has been documenting images of Portobello promenade and beach with which he has something of an infatuation. Some images might also be seen as poetic moments of blissful social distancing.

At first glance his photographs often appear melancholic but, as Will says, “I like to think my photographs begin a story which the viewer can continue and finish in a way they feel is right for them, rather than being an image of a single moment.”

Often showing lone figures in wide landscapes and under dramatic skies, his images can suggest lost or lonely souls wandering in an unfriendly world, although Will is happy to concede that ‘they may have a secret packet of chocolate biscuits in their coat pocket’.

‘From The Prom’, his latest project celebrates his love affair with Portobello’s promenade and beach.

With special thanks to Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation’s Tonic Arts Exhibition Manager for co-ordinating the exhibition.