Working without Words : harnessing the collaborative impact of Arts Therapies and Arts in Health on patient care across Lothian.

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 109,891
Project Dates : November 2014 to March 2018

Art, Music, Drama and Dance enable a deep expression for people facing profound life challenges who may not respond to conventional health interventions.Through engagement with the Arts, Therapists improve self-care and enable more fulfilled, functional and safer lives.

Connecting Lothian’s Arts Therapists with the Third Sector and the wide range of “Arts in Health” activities will broaden access to healthcare, improving quality of life for patients and their carers. This project will drive redesign and increase collaboration across the arts, aligning complexity of patient need with a range of registered professionals and organizations/individuals delivering “Arts in Health” opportunities to young and old.

In creating sustainable, integrated and safe interventions, NHS Lothian will reduce service variation while extending services to others e.g. people living with dementia.