Warm Recovery

Organisation : Changeworks
Grant Amount : £ 25,000
Project Dates : October 2015 to March 2017

There is considerable evidence that living in cold damp homes exacerbates health risks  – e.g. there is a strong relationship between cold temperatures and respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases. “Being able to afford to keep a warm home is a key factor in addressing health inequalities.”

We will work closely with relevant health professionals (e.g. respiratory nurses, discharge staff) to identify patients in need of Warm Recovery support i.e. those on low incomes with health issues likely to be exacerbated living in cold damp homes.

A Changeworks Affordable Warmth Advisor will visit patients referred to us to give tailored advice in the home on how to make the most of energy use, manage energy bills, reduce/eradicate utility debt and access grants. By project end 360 patients will be recovering in an affordably warmer home.