Ward 119 improvement project for women undergoing induction of labour

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Ward 119, RIE
Grant Amount : £ 4,720

The project is aimed at providing a more supportive environment for women and their birthing partners during the induction of the woman’s labour. We aim to involve birthing partners with the woman’s care this will be predominantly for those undergoing induction of labour but if successful may be developed to include all women both ante or postnatal who are cared for in single rooms on ward 119.

Following focus groups and women’s stories there is a theme where women would have felt more relaxed and less afraid of the induction process or staying in hospital if they had the support of their partner.  In order as to support this I would like to purchase the readybed chairs. This would allow the partner to be more comfortable and sleep beside the woman but be available to support her when required.