Vulnerable young mums group

Organisation : Midlothian Throughcare and Aftercare
Grant Amount : £ 2,000
Project Dates : October 2015 to April 2016

The group will provide a safe and supportive environment where the parents can find and give support in a safe space. Over time the parents can hopefully form good relationships with each other and their children.

Providing a small group situation where parents can build relationships with other parents their own age and gain support and advice from each other and professionals.

Learning sessions on pregnancy, childbirth, child development, contraception, attachments, play, nutrition, stress management, hygiene, sleep, money management, mental health, self-esteem, and employability.

Providing a creche with a variety of play experiences for children

Providing a variety of outings to local attractions for all the familyWe are looking to provide ongoing advice and support for young mums, on a wide variety of issues regarding health, emotional, social and practical support.