Volunteer Hub – Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Organisation : Volunteer Centre Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 98,944
Project Dates : April 2016 to March 2017

This project will further embed volunteering in the life & activities of the REH.  It will benefit the health, wellbeing & social capital of patients & the wider community & will add value to NHS services.

“Patient Volunteers” (in-patients with severe/enduring mental illness) will be inspired, encouraged & supported to volunteer.

“Public Volunteers” (members of the general public) will be engaged to enhance & improve the environment & experiences of REH patients.

Activity this year will particularly focus on

  1. Extending volunteer involvement in rehabilitation wards to support patients to prepare for discharge
  2. Providing high quality training & experiences to volunteers who wish to enter health professions eg potential OTs, psychologists. This will improve their employability, & support the development of the NHS’s future workforce.