The Magpies Nest Environmental Art Therapy Group

Organisation : Orchard Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 5,000

Following a recent Orchard Clinic – Cyrenians collaboration, applying an environmental art therapy approach to the John Muir Award Scheme, we are keen to build on this exciting work that captured the imaginations of participants through discovery, exploration and conservation of a wild place and sharing experiences.

The Magpie is an intelligent and inquisitive creature that takes great interest in what it discovers in its surroundings and works in partnership over weeks to build a safe nest for its young.

In the proposed project, group facilitators, (Art Psychotherapist, OT Technical Instructor and Sessional Worker with a rich wealth of knowledge of the natural environment), will create a therapeutic environment (nest) in which participants can harness their own inquisitive natures to become more connected to the outside world and to become more aware of their internal worlds too.