Supported telemetric monitoring of glycaemic control in pregnant women with diabetes

Organisation : University of Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 30,055

Women with diabetes (DM) (pre-existing and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)) have an increased risk of developing serious problems during pregnancy (1). Optimisation of blood sugar levels greatly reduces these risks. Women with DM therefore have intensive (largely hospital-based) monitoring during pregnancy with frequent attendances at antenatal or diabetes clinics where they are reviewed together or separately by obstetricians and diabetologists. This is labour and time intensive for women and health-care professionals (HCP) and does not promote self-management of DM by women. With the dramatic increase in number of women with DM, this model of care is not sustainable. The objective of this project is to explore the feasibility of using telemetry-supported monitoring of blood sugar control to improve the management, care pathway and patient experience for pregnant women with DM.