Study to investigate reduction of pressure ulcers using specifically designed footstools

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 15,792

Zero acquired pressure ulcers is a stated patient safety goal in NHS Lothian’s Clinical Strategy 2012-2020. It is estimated that pressure ulcers cost the NHS across the UK £1.4 – £2.1 billion annually. The NHS invests millions of pounds into pressure reducing devices to reduce the incidence of pressure ulceration, including mattresses, and other specialist hospital equipment. Footstools are commonly used across many clinical areas with little regard for the pressure they exert on the patient’s vulnerable heel area.  The scale of the risk for heel damage is significant with heel ulceration the second most common type of ulcer. NHS Lothian has developed a new footstool device which will be tested in a healthcare environment to provide the clinical evidence needed to support the future use of the product, and will also contribute to NHS Lothian’s aim of enhancing patient care.