Stratification of gall stone disease using circulating liver specific microRNA-122

Organisation : University of Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 23,569

We have identified a sensitive biomarker for liver injury (liver equivalent of cardiac troponin). Following paracetamol overdose, this blood biomarker, microRNA-122, accurately identifies patients with liver injury at first presentation to hospital before standard tests are elevated. We wish to test this marker in another clinical setting where early patient stratification would directly impact on care. We have chosen abdominal pain that is suspected to be due to gall stones because:A)It is a common reason for hospital admission (182,000/year in England).B)If significant pathology could be excluded early then admission could be avoided.C)Blood miR-122 is substantially elevated in mice and humans with significant pathology secondary to stones.D)We have a point of care assay in development so can rapidly translate our data to benefit patients at the hospital front door.