Small steps to a big change, promoting health and Wellbeing in Hermitage Ward

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 500

Promoting health and wellbeing in Hermitage Ward, is a collection of nurse led groups aimed at helping the patients to maintain a healthy and informed lifestyle whilst in hospital. The groups will be lead by a band 3 HCSW. In the morning patients can discuss current affairs and keep themselves up to date with world events, this is followed by a community group. Mid morning there is a stretching/gentle exercise group, helping patients to keep supple and enjoy some gentle exercise using hula hoops, balls, skipping ropes and mats. The healthy cooking choices group will assist those closer to discharge, by helping to budget and buying and preparing healthier simple food.The crafting/art group helps patients to embrace their creative ability, and feel that they can acheive as well as enjoy the group and the company of others.