Sleep Systems: Postural Management at night for children with exceptional healthcare needs.

Organisation : NHS Lothian - Paediatric Physiotherapy
Grant Amount : £ 41,030

The paediatric physiotherapy service in NHS Lothian aims to develop a sustainable approach to postural management at night for children and young people aged 1-18 with exceptional healthcare needs. The use of Sleep Systems for postural management reduces the need for corrective spinal and/or orthopaedic surgery in this group of children who have vulnerable bone structures and are unable to maintain their own posture.

ELHF funding would:

  • allow us to support 40 children currently on a waiting list with much needed Sleep Systems which will help to improve their quality of life;
  • ¬†ensure dedicated time of an experienced physiotherapist to help families use the Sleep Systems appropriately and
  • allow us to monitor and evaluate the impact of Sleep Systems used in Lothian to build a strong business case by December 2014 for ongoing financial support from NHS Lothian from 2015/2016.