Singing for COPD – Take a Breath

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 3,186

Cheyne Gang is a COPD Singing Group, helping to improve the health of people with chronic disease. Being a user-led group there have been issues reducing opportunties to take more people or develop. In particular the group want to work with professionals who have shown interest i.e. OT, respiratory physiotherapists and psychiatrist to see how this idea could role out across the city. This would provide a real partnership approach, with people leading the way with support from professionals. In order to achieve this, the group may also need to seek paid development work to offer them additional support to fulfil the aspirations of the group. It would provide a creative and innovative health approach for those with COPD and similar, complimenting traditional treatment. It aims to improve breathing, confidence and support people back to more social aspects of their lives.