Renewal of Orchard Clinic’s Outdoor Sports Court

Organisation : NHS Lothian - Orchard Clinic
Grant Amount : £ 5,000

The renewal of the outdoor sports court surface in the Orchard Clinic would be of huge benefit to the patients within the unit. Not being able to use the sports court due to problems with the surface has been a great loss to patients of the Orchard Clinic. This space can be used for a variety of sports including tennis, bowling, jogging, football and basketball and when it has been available it has been used for all of these functions. Patients have consistently requested to access the area when using other therapy rooms and regretfully staff have had to explain that the space is unsafe to use. This goes against the general ethos of the clinic with regards to promoting and supporting all interest in physical activity and the health benefits of spending times outdoors. Forensic inpatients are likely to have reduced, limited or no access to the wider community, and may spend long periods of time unoccupied in the ward environment or engaged in sedentary occupations such as listening to music, watching television or playing computer games.