Providing mental health and emotional well-being services for families affected by parental substance misuse.

Organisation : Circle (West Lothian)
Grant Amount : £ 37,000

Families who are affected by parental substance misuse often experience difficulties with their mental health and emotional well-being and can find even completing simple tasks difficult. Many have experienced trauma in their past and can feel very depressed and even suicidal.

We aim to work with these families within their home, using Living Life to the Full, an evidence based approach to emotional well-being.

We would like to develop this approach further by continuing to deliver 2-3 Living Life to the Full courses throughout 2016-17 alongside individual support to families. This will be done in partnership with WLDAS and Health Improvement team. We would work with 15 families throughout the year who have identified mental health needs by engaging a Family Support Worker to work with them improving their health and emotional well-being, allowing them to engage more fully in life.