Pilot of a complex wound e-clinic to improve patient outcomes and experience in relation to wound healing

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Tissue Viability, St Johns Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 94,115

As part of a wider review of transforming wound care services across Lothian it is proposed to test out a complex wound clinic 2 days a week for 1 year. The clinic will be run by a nurse specialist in wounds with support staff. It will develop links to other specialists to allow easy referral e.g. dermatology, lymphoedema, vascular etc.

The aims of the clinic will be to:

  • Improve access to specialist wound care for more patients
  • Improve patient experience of wound care
  • Prevent inappropriate hospital admission/readmission
  • Release more time for TV service to see non-ambulatory patients
  • Provide opportunity for training and development of other staff in wound care