Personalised music playlists for people on dementia assessment and complex care wards

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Edinburgh dementia assessment and complex care wards
Grant Amount : £ 4,260

Music has been shown to have positive benefits for people with dementia and their carers though enhancing well being, reducing distressed behaviour, promoting cognitive stimulation and an alternative means of communication.

Playlist for Life is a well recognised charitable organisation which offers a means of providing personalised music for people with dementia to improve the patient and carer experience. If funding is obtained for this project it will be used to provide staff training and 20 kits of equipment which can be loaned to people with dementia.

Through a pilot project run in East/Midlothian on their complex care wards,¬†this project aims to build on that successful project and apply this to the 2 dementia assessment and 4 complex care wards in Edinburgh. It is planned that the project will be co-ordinated by the Occupational Therapy Team Lead with at least 2 Playlist “champions” on each ward who will identify suitable patients and compile the playlists.