Online cognitive behavioural therapy to improve maternal wellbeing in pregnancy

Organisation : University of Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 22,783

One in four women develop mental health problems during pregnancy with adverse impacts on the individual and her family. There are limited treatment options available meaning many women do not get treatment. New treatments are urgently needed.

We conducted a survey of pregnant women which revealed the majority are enthusiastic about a web-based therapy. In this project we aim to seek opinions from pregnant women and health care providers about a new online intervention ‘Enjoy your Bump’ to improve mental wellbeing based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

This technique is effective for treating for depression in the non-pregnant and teaches self-management skills via a series of online modules. We will explore whether this newly developed on-line intervention specifically designed to address concerns of pregnant women could be a useful resource for women at risk of perinatal depression.