Ongoing Socialisation within Acute Adult Mental Health Inpatient Wards

Organisation : NHS Lothian - Acute Mental Health Inpatient Service, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 3,420

Support the opportunities for socialisation for adults within the Acute Mental Health Inpatient Service with the aim of enabling an individual’s ability to develop and maintain social / therapeutic relationships and develop interests / hobbies that will support them out of hospital. The development and maintainance of social relationships is a crucial part of an individual’s recovery adding to an individual’s sense of wellbeing as well as fostering therapeutic and positive relationships between staff and patients and amongst the patient group. This has positive benefits in helping individuals to stay well on discharge and in providing a welcoming and friendlier climate within the ward. Many of the activities are ward based due to the high number of detained patients who may be in hospital against their will and who require staff escort to leave the ward.