Music Therapy for medicine of the elderly wards

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
Grant Amount : £ 2,000

People with dementia and their carers often find acute hospital stays distressing and 40% of people admitted to general hospitals have dementia, and they have higher mortality and poorer outcomes. The Dementia Strategy (2010) identified a clear need for more purposeful and therapeutic activity. Music therapy can have a life enhancing effect on people with dementia, but it has rarely been used in the acute hospital in the UK.

This project explores the impact on patient care of using Music Therapy in acute MoE wards. This could alleviate the symptoms of dementia or delirium, assist rehabilitation and/or communication and increase well-being. The project will supply a set of Music Therapy Instruments for the hospital, which can be used by future music therapy students, staff, volunteers and patients as part of purposeful therapeutic activity.

The key output will be a set of practical recommendations for implementing music therapy in acute medicine of the Elderly wards. This can be shared throughout NHS Lothian and more widely to help meet the aims of the Scottish Dementia Charter and improve the experience of people with dementia.