Managing Energy in Neurological Disorders (MEND) – locality based education and self management groups

Organisation : NHS lothian, Neurological Outpatients, Astley Ainslie Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 7,183

Develop & deliver locality based energy management groups for people with neurological disorders across Lothian.  It is proposed that these groups would be hosted within local health & social care facilities. The programme will run over 4 weeks. Patients will be expected to attend all 4 weeks for a 2 hour educational session including a short break to develop peer support. Additional session is run for those identified by the group participants including partners/carers/family/employers. The session aims to educate & improve understating of dealing with this hidden disability.The programme will be delivered by the AAH multidisciplinary team. Attendees will be sourced from existing referrers & local advertising to promote the group will be undertaken. Self referrals will also be accepted provided participants meet the established referral criteria.