Hospital to Home

Organisation : LifeCare (Edinburgh) Limited
Grant Amount : £ 58,600

Funding is sought to build on initial development of the ‘Hospital to Home’ model and approach to make it more robust. Our 100th patient got home early on 10 December. 663 bed days and c.£175,000 saved since April 2014 based on a £2,000/week estimate for a general hospital bed. We work together to: reduce the delayed discharge of elderly patients from hospital(2600hrs) and audit this process. NHS Lothian will liaise with discharge hubs to identify in advance the expected date of departure and Package of Care(POC) start date. LifeCare provide a bridging service until POC starts reducing the need for elderly patients to remain in hospital unnecessarily. Other benefits: increases patient throughput; improves: access to hospital beds for patients who need them, patient/carer welfare outcomes;allocation of resources to deliver care at the right time, in the right location to best meet needs.