Healthy Respect + Drop-in Services

Organisation : NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 2,124

Healthy Respect is part of the Chalmers Sexual Health Service and coordinates a variety of Young People’s services across Lothian (21 low threshold Healthy Respect drop-ins as well as 6 Healthy Respect + services).  2 new youthwork roles have been created to work within the Healthy Respect + services and it is this youthwork role we are looking to expand which will improve the overall patient experience. Currently within the main service in Chalmers there is no set place to provide 1-1 counselling and a reception room is used, which is not ideal. A room has been identified and we are keen to create a safe, comfortable safe for young people. For this to be done we would like to buy 2 comfortable chairs, a small table and some lighting. We are also keen to purchase some resources which the youth workers can utilise while working with young people across all the services.