Harm Reduction Team – Yoga Therapy for LTMP Clients

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Spittal Street Centre
Grant Amount : £ 1,000
Project Dates : July 2016 to January 2017

The Harm Reduction Team tends to some 45 clients at the Spittal Street Centre in the Low Threshold Methadone Programme. These patients are people who inject drugs, and whose chaotic situations mean that they fall outside of suitability for prescribing by GP services. Many are homeless, and all are disadvantaged in multiple domains. Included in the treatment programme is an optional series of therapeutic discussion groups supported by peer volunteers, by far and away the most popular of which has been Meditation.

Developed by Edinburgh Community Yoga is a programme of mindfulness activity designed specifically to help those on the path to recovering from addictions. This application seeks funding to bring these two elements together: to bring a calming influence into the lives of chaotic drug users who are struggling to find stability in their daily lives.