Functional Electrical Stimulation for people with Multiple Sclerosis who experience foot drop in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Organisation : Queen Margaret University
Grant Amount : £ 7,969

People with Multiple Sclerosis (pwMS) often experience ‘foot-drop’ which means that the foot is not adequately lifted during the so-called swing phase (foot is off the ground) during walking which can lead to trips and falls. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to the shin muscles will aid lifting of the foot and therefore reduces the risk of trips and falls. There have been several studies showing the benefits of FES to the walking of pwMS. The proposed study aims to optimise the FES prescription and fitting care pathway for pwMS in Edinburgh and the Lothians. This will be achieved firstly through sending a survey to all clients with MS in the last 5 years who have been regarded as suitable for FES in Edinburgh. Secondly, a pilot study will assess the suitability of the use of a simple clinical measurement which will allow the measurement of the degree of foot-drop.