Focus on Families

Organisation : The Orchard Clinic
Grant Amount : £ 874
Project Dates : February to September 2015

To improve patient and carer experience of maintaining important relationships whilst an inpatient in a secure mental health setting, ensuring that patients have the same opportunities as those not affected by mental illness to positive familial opportunities which are important to their recovery and overall emotional wellbeing.

The Clinic has a family room which is used to facilitate some of the most sensitive family contact. Feedback from patients/carers is that this room is tired and does not meet their needs.

The proposed project is aimed to improve this environment by using some of the artistic talents of the current inpatient population. We have some talented artists and individuals who enjoy craft and textiles based activities. The project will use their passion and skills to improve the family room and rejuvenate it into a space which is inviting and a pleasure to use.