Fairmile Garden Project, Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Organisation : Fairmile Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 5,000
Project Dates : June to November 2019

I plan to utilise the new courtyard garden the ward is situated around to maximise patient access to engage in activities of their choice.

I hope to achieve a positive hospital experience for people living with dementia utilising a bio-psychosocial approach which considers a biological, psychological, and social factors and their interactions in understanding patient needs.

My aim for the project is to bring motivation, inspiration, participation, partnership, health and well-being to all and for patients to feel safe, independent and empowered. The Occupational Therapy department have completed an audit with suggestions to make the garden dementia friendly. My main focus is to implement these findings.

To achieve these goals I plan to provide staff and relatives with training and purchase items to support a wider range of activities than currently possible.

See pictures below showing how good the garden now looks !