Evaluation of the Life-Space Assessment Outcome Measure in Edinburgh Community Physiotherapy Service

Organisation : Domiciliary Physiotherapy Office, Astley Ainslie Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 11,552
Project Dates : January 2016 to May 2017

Most patients seen by Edinburgh Community Physiotherapy Service (ECPS) require interventions to help them regain or maintain outdoor mobility.

A literature review commissioned by ECPS indicated that there is no off-the-shelf measure completely suited to evaluate outdoor mobility. The Life-Space Assessment (LSA) was identified as the preferred measure and this was confirmed by our preliminary pilot project in 2013. It is quick and easy to administer, is neither age nor condition specific, has face validity, and has been shown to be a valid and reliable instrument in the US.

However, there are no published studies establishing the psychometric properties of LSA in UK patient populations.

Hence this study will evaluate the validity and utility of LSA when used as a pre-post outcome measure among patients receiving routine care from ECPS.

Please see related published article around the project outcomes – https://academic.oup.com/ptj/article/99/12/1719/5575950