Enhanced dining for those with dementia

Organisation : Ward 9 (Room 6), Mackinnon House, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 3,256
Project Dates : October 2013 to July 2014

The importance of good nutrition for those with Dementia is well recognised and in order to achieve this, one requires the optimum dining experience. Communal dining rooms can often be a stressful environment for individuals with dementia to meet infection control standards as well as providing a noisy, echoing environment that can present as an uncomfortable space in which to remain.

There are real issues with patients removing themselves from the room or becoming vocally upset, thereby escalating the noise and subsequent disruption to all. Nutritional intake reduces and individuals begin to fail physically and cognitively.

Fotosorba boards placed around the walls of the dining rooms will provide a sound absorbing baffle (similar to having soft furnishings). Dementia friendly design is now well recognised as a non pharmacological intervention and a quiet room will go a long way to help people eat properly and avoid aggressive incidents.

Fotosorba panels use images from Shutterstock so can be made bespoke to suit each specific environment, images will be carefully chosen to help orientate individuals as to the purpose of the room, thereby further enhancing the dining experience.