Employing user-centred evaluation to inform and improve the Digital Heart Manual

Organisation : Heart Manual, NHS Lothian
Grant Amount : £ 40,000
Project Dates : May 2014 to April 2015

The Heart Manual, developed and licensed by NHS Lothian, is the UK’s leading home based cardiac rehabilitation programme.

A digital version is being developed to provide online access to information and enable the delivery of personalised education, self-care support and training to the individual patient, which may improve adherence with secondary prevention advice. Involving users in the process of technology development has been shown to improve the uptake and use of such systems.

The proposed research will involve patients, families and clinicians in evaluating the prototype in order to gain a better understanding of its likely benefits, how it will be integrated into daily life and clinical workflow, and how its accessibility, usability and usefulness could be improved prior to rollout to optimise patient engagement and benefit.

For the website produced see link – http://www.theheartmanual.com/DigitalHeartManual/Pages/Post-MI-edition.aspx