ECG Machine for Niddrie Medical Practice

Organisation : Niddrie Medical Practice
Grant Amount : £ 1,870
Project Dates : December 2016 to May 2017

Currently we have an informal arrangement whereby we borrow the ECG machine of a neighbouring practice located in the same building. Unfortunately, this machine is rather old and tricky to use. It also takes up clinical time to retrieve the machine from our neighbouring practice.

The alternative is to send our patients to the Royal Infirmary for an ECG. We have recently begun to feel both these options disadvantage our most vulnerable patients.

We would like to correct this by buying an easy and quick to use portable ECG machine that has the capacity to download ECGs directly onto our PCs.

We would like to assess the impact of this by ensuring every substance misuse patient eligible has an ECG and has their medication altered if required. We would also be able to give case studies of ECGs done .