East lothian Vulnerable Young Mums Group

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Throughcare and Aftercare Nurse
Grant Amount : £ 3,000
Project Dates : July 2015 to June 2016

The ‘Vunerable Young Mum’s Group’ meets once a week for two hours. The group is led by a LAC nurse and a social worker and can support nine young mothers. The main aim of the project is to group is to support vulnerable young Mums (ex care leavers) in parenting their children. This is done through the provision of support and resources in areas such as pregnancy, childbirth, child development, contraception, bonding, play, nutrition, stress management, hygiene, sleep, money management, mental health, self-esteem, and employability.

The group will also provides a crèche with a variety of play experiences for children. Young mothers can also engage in a range ofactivities including baby Massage, Baby Signing, Yoga and Zumba. Feedback from families demonstrates really positive outcomes for both mother and baby. Funding is required for 6 months untill longer term funding is identified.