Early breast priming and expression to improve neonatal outcomes

Organisation : NHS Lothian, Simpsons Centre for Reproductive Health, Labour ward, RIE
Grant Amount : £ 4,500

Following attendance at the Edinburgh science and practice of breast milk conference 2015 we learnt the benefits of early mothers own milk feeding to sick and preterm babies. At the conference we learnt that by double electric breast pumping within an hour of birth it increases milk supply day 7 by 50%! In order to carry out this practice imporving neonatal outcomes and encouraging early expressing we need electric breast pumps on the labour ward where we currently have none. It will have a long term benefit on costs and neonatal outcomes as supporting and encouraging early expressing has a hige impact on getting breast milk into babies which reduces neonatal necrotising enterocolitis and infection and improves cognitive development. By having the right equipment we will be able to support women to express sooner and meet best practice.