Development of an alternative eye-dropper

Organisation : Edinburgh Napier University
Grant Amount : £ 76,720
Project Dates : December 2015 to April 2017

Many people need to instil eye drops to treat conditions such as Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) and Glaucoma (30% of the population have DES and 70 million people worldwide have glaucoma). DES is relieved with lubricating drops and if untreated can significantly reduce quality of life.

Glaucoma causes a rise in inner eye pressure and unless controlled leads to blindness (cause of sight loss for 6.7 million people). Compliance with treatment is a known problem but for many this is unintentional as they can’t get the drops in and much drug is wasted.

The current project offers a solution through development and trial of a new device that will supersede the current model, respond to patient need and reduce NHS costs by reducing waste.