Developing visual aids to support psychological recovery and awareness in CAMHS

Organisation : West Lothian CAMHS, St John's Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 775
Project Dates : October to December 2017

NHS Lothian CAMHS provides support to young people experiencing mental health difficulties across Lothian. Support is often provided through therapeutic intervention utilising talking therapies.Visual aids and prompts have been evidenced to increase understanding, memory and learning. Visual aids in clinic rooms have also been evidenced to improve patient and carer experience within a psychological therapy team in NHS GG&C.

Currently CAMHS clinic rooms, where the majority of therapeutic work is undertaken, have no appropriate visual aids, prompts or posters. The walls are empty or have basic images displayed. We are keen to design posters displaying appropriate psychological strategies in a visual format. These would re-iterate learning and understanding of psychological techniques for the young person and their carers accessing support and improve their experience of the service.