Developing an integrated partnership approach to improve patient and carer welfare by reducing delayed discharge of elderly patients

Organisation : LifeCare (Edinburgh) Limited
Grant Amount : £ 58,200

NHS Lothian and LifeCare, a local care charity, will work together to: develop a partnership approach; reduce the delayed discharge of elderly patients from hospital to home(2600hrs) across Western General and Royal Infirmary sites; and audit this process.NHS Lothian will liaise with discharge hubs to identify in advance the expected date of departure. With the intervention of LifeCares suite of ‘at home’ services, the need for elderly patients to remain in hospital unnecessarily whilst awaiting assessment and packages of care to be organised is significantly reduced.Benefits of this approach will: shorten unnecessary stays in hospital; increase patient thoughput;  improve access to hospital beds for patients who need them; improve patient/carer welfare outcomes; and, improve allocation of resources to deliver care at the right time and in the right location to best meet needs.