Day at the Disco, Pentland Ward

Organisation : Pentland Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 2,040
Project Dates : April to December 2018

Day of the disco will be a monthly event that aims to promote a dementia friendly disco out in the community. The disco is held in Loanhead miners Club, who have offered their hall free of charge as they support the project. This is a free event and is open to everyone affected by dementia which includes carers, family and friends.

The aim of the project is to enhance people that are living with dementia and their family/carers, who are currently in a hospital/care home setting or community based care which is supported by NHS or Support workers.

  • Through socialising – it can help combat loneliness / social isolation and help bring people together
  • Feeling part of a community – helps people effected get out of the hospital and care environment and lets them feel part of a community again
  • Support and help from others – families and carer gain support and help from each other
  • Building memories – the disco helps to get patients out with their loved ones enjoying a dance and making memories sparked by the music they used to dance to

The benefits of this project

  • It’s an organised event that happens once a month
  • Social activity / outing from the patient’s hospital / care home environment
  • Help to combat loneliness / social isolation
  • Evokes / creates memories
  • It helps carer / familie’s involvement
  • Improves patients / carers experience and quality of life
  • Improves staff’s experience in their role as they are able to see the patients outside the care environment

We will monitor this, through carer meeting feedbacks, feedback from staff as well as feedback from care homes and other settings coming to the disco.