Dance Fitness Aerobic Class for The Orchard Clinic – Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Organisation : Orchard Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Grant Amount : £ 500
Project Dates : March 2014 to February 2015

The aim of this weekly group is to provide patients with a regular opportunity to access a fun exercise opportunity suitable for all which would not otherwise be available to them given their detention in hospital.

The class includes working aerobically, dancing to music (some of which is chosen by the group) and completing some strength and stretching exercises towards the end of the session.  It is diverse in that both high impact and lower impact moves are demonstrated to meet the needs of varied fitness abilities.

Most of the patients in the Orchard Clinic are men in their 20s-40s who are at higher risk of physical health conditions due to a relatively inactive daily routine and due to the high levels of medication which they receive to manage their mental health problems, and many people do not have access to community facilities due to restrictions of the clinic.