Crew Drop-in

Organisation : Crew 2000 Scotland Limited
Grant Amount : £ 23,000
Project Dates : April 2014 to May 2015

Increasing effectiveness of our interventions with young people: developing New Psychoactive Substance Brief Interventions for 700 people annually; increasing awareness of health risks and engendering positive attitudinal and behaviour change.

Breaking down barriers young people face accessing Crews drop-in: increasing access by young men (identified as more likely to take risks with drugs and alcohol) and LGBT and Black and Minority Ethnic Young People.

Developing ’whole-community’ approaches involving young people’s significant others in reducing the harm and stigma associated with substance use: outreach work in Edinburgh schools and with parents/carers

Maintaining our finger on the pulse of emerging substances/trends in use; developing and disseminating information in accessible ways to young people, their significant others and professionals in the field.