Creating Wellbeing: Mayfield and Easthouses Community Empowerment Project

Organisation : Midlothian Voluntary Action
Grant Amount : ÂŁ 24,000
Project Dates : July 2016 to June 2017

This application seeks to continue the excellent work established in a year-long pilot funded initially through NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service. It works in partnership with the local community, the third sector and the statutory sector to engage and empower individuals living in Mayfield and Easthouses to identify the factors that contribute to building and enhancing social, emotional and physical wellbeing. By supporting both individuals and locally-based community groups and organisations, the project will identify a range of actions that have the potential to enhance wellbeing—including those that can be led by the community and those to be supported by local organisations.

This project will contribute to local strategic priorities including:

  • Reducing health inequalities
  • Co-production of services
  • Building the capacity of communities to identify local solutions