Consultant Paediatrician in Palliative Care

Organisation : Children's Hospice Association Scotland
Grant Amount : £ 20,000
Project Dates : July 2015 to June 2016

The Consultant Paediatrician in Palliative Care will improve the care for babies, children and young people who are seriously ill and are likely to die before reaching adulthood. Children of all ages will receive the best clinical care and they will access the range of CHAS support services including short planned breaks for all the family, emergency admissions to the hospice, symptom management, end of life care, care and support at home, children’s hospitals and in local communities, 24 hour advice for families and professionals and bereavement care.

CHAS and NHS Lothian have agreed to share the cost and management of the post, allowing the opportunity for increased standards of paediatric palliative in CHAS hospices, children’s homes and hospitals.

The post will also allow an increased contribution to the strategic development of children’s palliative care in Scotland.