Circle East and Midlothian

Organisation : Circle
Grant Amount : £ 37,000
Project Dates : May 2016 to May 2017

Circle East and Midlothian have been supporting families affected by substance misuse since July 2013. The project began with two Family Support Workers (FSW) funded by a private donor. As a result of the successes of this initial work and the level of unmet local need, the project increased to three FSW’s from April 2014 as a result of Lloyds PDI funding.

We wish to continue providing this highly regarded service and use our knowledge, skills and experience to extend the provision. The extension of the project is to develop a new FSW post to support women and families through pregnancy where there are substance misuse issues. The post will provide family support services to reduce health inequalities for mothers and babies. The post will compliment the newly appointed substance misuse Midwife, employed in this area. The post will adopt a strengths based, whole family approach.